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Everyone’s talking about the importance of the microbiome, but most data that people have comes from one or two blog posts, or one-page magazine articles about its importance. Very few of these resources contain any hard data. Lori Nicholson compiled research reports from the Cochrane database, PubMed Central, and Google Scholar—high-quality research published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals—to cull the important information that moms-to-be need to know. She then made this highly academic and intellectual information available in easy-to-understand “plain language.” This 61-page report (50 presentation slides + 11 slides of references) will help you learn the steps that you need to take to help your baby’s healthy microbiome develop. Help seed lifelong health for your baby!


Baby's Birth Plan

Baby’s Birth Plan:

A Review of the Research on Pregnancy and Birth

Are you pregnant, or do you work with pregnant women? Then THIS is the presentation for you! How can you ensure that you and your baby receive the best, evidence-based care throughout pregnancy and birth? This massive, 173-slide report will guide you through the myriad of decisions that you’ll make about your care—helping you make the best decisions about what type of actions or procedures you do, or do not, want to receive throughout your pregnancy, labor, and shortly thereafter.

Written from the baby’s perspective, what does the available research evidence show the baby wants—which procedures are in the highest interest of the baby—throughout the entire pregnancy and birth process? 

This Presentation Features:

  • 134 slides on important pregnancy and birth topics
  • A model of the best care for women with low-risk pregnancies, entitled the “Evidence-Based Baby Model (for Low-Risk Women)”
  • 39 slides devoted entirely to the enormous number of references that went into creating this report

And it includes:

  • An audio .mp3 of the presentation
  • A .pdf of the audio transcription
  • A video .mp4 of the slides with audio narration

This report is structured in a chronological manner, from pre-conception through birth and shortly after birth. 

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of microbiome health
  • Selecting a care provider
  • Selecting a birthing facility or location
  • Estimated due dates
  • Exercise during pregnancy
  • Prenatal ultrasounds
  • Prenatal perineal massage
  • Saline lock
  • Fetal monitoring during labor
  • Length of labor
  • Birthing positions
  • Skin-to-skin care
  • Cord clamping
  • Breastfeeding, specifically as it relates to microbiome health

Each section includes an overview of the evidence-based research, a summary of the research, and a summary of what type of care the baby wants based upon the data. This presentation will help pregnant moms and their care providers make the best, evidence-based decisions about care.

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